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About Mandy Bird


What I teach, I have lived; honed through 30 years of being trained by cutting-edge leaders in the fields of Psychology, Spirituality, and Leadership. I support those who have been shattered by grief and are teetering on the brink of giving up on their true purpose. My gift is in interpreting our grief and sense of overwhelming loss using clinical interpretation, the subtle but powerful message of symbols when used to unify us with our human purpose, and by accepting you and your experiences without prejudice.

Fascinated by Archetypal Psychology, my therapeutic style lends itself to the paradoxical; a concept I feel is vital to any healing process. My belief in intuition and divinity are honed into a refined system that emerged from training with some of the most respected teachers of our time. Some have described me as part intuit, part scientist, and even part journey companion.

I do not deny that grief changes us. On the contrary, it is that change that she helps us celebrate! We are in fact on a divine, perfect, and perpetual continuum of purpose and expression. You are not in pieces at all! I hope you will allow me to take your grief and repurpose its burden through soulful reconciliation so you can EMBRACE YOUR OWN POWER!

Mandy’s Biography

A licensed therapist since 1993, Mandy has been delivering her brand of hope and heart-centered therapy from the stage, the sound booth and through dynamic personal counseling sessions. She is a benevolent advisor, published author, and profoundly intuitive teacher whose personal experience with loss and tragedy helped awaken her to her true purpose as a loving healer and grief guide. She possesses both the passion and pedigree for her work, and is considered master and pupil, a virtuoso in her field of social equipoise, and a connoisseur of the subtle but powerful message of symbols when used to unify us with our human purpose. She has a deeply cultivated commitment to accepting others and their experiences without prejudice. All the while possessing a full understanding of how to mitigate the specific cultural, and religious barriers that often inhibit our desires to embrace our own power.

She has devoted herself to counseling individuals, couples and families struggling with the effects of depression, anxiety, grief, sexual abuse, and trauma. Mandy is considered a Grief Transformation Specialist, with an emphasis on teaching communication skills and dialogue techniques to help those in crisis. She has led numerous groups, workshops, and classes around themes such as self-esteem, grief and loss, personal empowerment, communication and intimacy, and career and life visions.

Mandy was regularly featured on Matt & Ramona’s syndicated radio show as Counselor Mandy, where listeners called in to ask for her opinion, guidance, encouragement, and compassion on a wide variety of issues. She hosts her own Podcast called Finding Hope, where notable featured guests share their passionate journeys of loss, joy, soul-growth and leadership.

Mandy has also worked extensively with birth mothers, adoptive families, and foster families. She helped birth mothers with their grief and foster/adoptive families with the accreditation process. She speaks from her heart about how these experiences have deepened her empathy for birth mothers and for the tremendous act of love that adoption truly is.

In addition to private practice, Mandy worked for seven years in executive coaching and career consulting in the United States and Europe for Anchors Consulting. It was her calling during this time to help people clarify their visions and give them the tools and confidence to chase their life dreams.

Finding Hope

If you’re looking for a podcast that’s about how to move through the grieving process in an empowered and life-giving way, you are in the right place. Welcome to program, “Finding Hope,” where we take a deep dive into understanding grief as our teacher while discovering our passion. Mandy Bird, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and grief expert since 1993, and known endearingly as ‘Counselor Mandy,’ has REAL conversations with those who have worked through the grieving process. We listen in to their grief journey and how they’ve converted their pain into a way to connect to their true, authentic selves, and use their passions to make a difference in the world. Remember, WHAT YOU FEEL IS REAL. YOU MATTER. YOU ARE HURTING, BUT YOU ARE NOT BROKEN — And YOU CAN BE RESTORED.